About MD 380 L Series

Power Rating:-
1. 4.0 icw lo is kW. 3 Phase 380/400/4ISV
2. 2.2 kW to 7.5 kW, 3 Phase 22oV

» Open Loop Elevator Drive
» Emergency backup power 23oV Ac UPS

Technical Features:-
» Supporting vector control of three-phase AC asyn chronous and titre-e phase AC sync hronous motors
» Smooth ride performs nce based on advance sensor lessvector control technology.
» Pre-factory default parameters setting facilitate zero parameter setting at site.
» Programmable DC injection braking.
» High starting torque : Starting torque 0-5 Hz! in SVC Mode.
» Quick responce: torque responce time <- 20ms. in SVC mode.
» Protective torque limit.
» Optional card: I/O and communication card, CAN link, CAN open,PROFIDBUS-DP communication card
» Rapid current limiting function can avoid frequent over current alarms.
» Motor overheat protection
» DBU in built up to 15 Kw