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Monarch serial integrated elevator control panel

The door-machine Integrated products are the drive controller of the elevator door,ice-house door and the metro doors. which integrated the door logic control and motor drive control. The external system only needs to give door commands to realize the control for the complete door system. The product can drive AC asynchronous and synchronous motors, and also support speed control mode and distance controlmode. The wide application range can satisfy various customer needs.

Power Rating:-
  • 2.2 kW to 45 kW. 3 Phase 380/400/415V
  • 2.2 kW to 30 kW. 3 Phase 220V
  • 2.2 kW to 3.7 kW, 1 Phase 220V


» Simplex. Duplex. 3-8 Group control elevator
» High Speed. medium speed. low speed
» Superior elevator, passenger elevator, medical elevator, residential elevator. disabled elevator etc
» Elevator rated speed < 4 xss=removed>» Floor level 1 Each CCB lCar Call Board] can adopt up to max. 16 floors. above 16 serial lmk additional


» Redundancy control through Multi-CPUs. equipped with CAN Bus, Mod Bus and GSM Communication Technology
» Based on displacement calculation methods derive N velocity profile to achieve optimum direct-to-floor distance control
» Simple 3 wire serial communications to commission duplex group control
» Group control with less than 8 elevators is based on fuzzy logic control theory
» in-built real-time clock to facilitate time-sharing control and elevator management
» Flexible emergency back up power; 220Vac UPS power input makes emergency evacuation easy.
» Automatic identification operation between short-floors
» Handheld Operation Tools: Mini Keypad, PDA, PC to facilitate easy commissioning
» 60 fault codes to facilitate easy diagnostics
» Power on reset run to ground floor is not required
» Shaft position learning is standard

» Easy programming on driv

» we are provide under voltage, overvoltage and earth protection device and line choke for controller safety

» safety circuit and car door ,landing door lock indicator.